Team Fitzgerald! (cant_be_still) wrote in borlefans,
Team Fitzgerald!


Hey guys! Welcome to Borle Fans, a community where Christian Borle fans can get together to discuss and share tidbits about this very talented actor. He is currently appearing as Emmett Forrest in Legally Blonde the Musical.

THIS COMMUNITY IS UNOFFICIAL. We are in no way affiliated with Christian Borle, we're just fans.

Go here to find the rules of the community. As mod, if I feel anything has been posted that is rude or disrespectful to others or vulgar, I will delete them. They're easy rules to follow and I'm very nice. I just wanted to spread the love on LJ.

Get this community started by introducing yourself, posting a picture or youtube video, sharing a story about Christian, posting graphics. Whatever. I hope to have pleasant discussion here.

Also, if you couldn't tell, I'm horrible at graphics and layouts and the like. If you have any icons, colorbars, banners, or layers that you would like to contribute to the community, comment here or post it in a post. I'd love to have them! You will be credited.

So. How do you say we get this community started? Introductions, graphic contests, news updates? Comment here with any ideas you have so that we can get the ball rolling.

Thanks for reading this! Talk to everybody soon! (Oh, get your friends to join! Or if I've missed any Christian-related communities, advertise there!)
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