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Hello! So I just saw Legally Blonde for the first time this past weekend.  I fell in total love with Christian Borle after seeing this!  So I have been searching the internet for anything relating to him but I am having a hard time finding out any good gossip about him.  Do you guys have any good interviews or news updates or candid pictures of Christian?  I also really want to try and meet him at the stagedoor so do you guys know how frequently he comes out or when the best time to go and try and meet him would be?  I figured he either has to come out the stagedoor or the main theatre entrence unless there is another exit I cant figure out! haha  Well anyway hope you guys can help me with my daily dose of Christian gossip/news/pictures!

ohh one more question....does anyone know when his last day of Legally Blonde is going to be because I would also really like to try and get student rush tickets again to see it before he leaves! 

Thanks so much!
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