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Borle Fans

For all things Christian

Christian Borle Fans
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Welcome to a brand new LJ community where you can share your love for the fabulous Christian Borle.

Chri•stian • Borle • noun A Tony-Award nominated actor commonly known for his roles in Legally Blonde: The Musical, Spamalot, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and a singing eBay commercial, among others.

.:Meet and greet with other Christian fans:.
.:Discuss the man and his various works:.
.:Post news, photos, graphics, videos, and stories/fanfics:.

1. No discussion of bootlegs of any kind.
2. Don't be rude. Please respect everyone's opinions and graphics.
3. Don't post anything vulgar that is not under a cut and does not have a warning. It will be deleted.
4. Any large photos, graphic posts of three icons or more, or long stories/news articles need to be posted under a cut.
5. Have fun!

Your mod is cant_be_still. Be nice and I'll be nice right back.

UNOFFICIAL: We are in no way officially connected to Mr. Borle and mean no harm by this community.